A horizontal cutting head for bushes and small trees with quick mounting to AJO booms. Additional attachments can be made to the clearing blade heads on demand. The cutting head is used for rough thickets along fields or forest pathways. The cutter’s operation is based on the rotating blade and counter blade that cut trees like scissors. The lowest part of the blade head is a fixed blade, and in case of a sudden shock it protects the rotating blade from damage. The device operates on a hydraulic motor, and belts are used to transmit power from one axle to another. Two kinds of accessories are available for the cutter: a rotating device and a boom extension that fits Lännen brand machines, among others.

Technical specifications:

  • Operating width: 750/1500 mm
  • For tall grass and small trees: up to 100 mm diameter
  • Weight: 300 kg (RL 150)

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