Finnish sisu alone is not enough to maintain our roads, but with the proper equipment anything is possible. Ratemex Oy’s road maintenance equipment has kept roads and roadsides in order for over 40 years.

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RATEMEX OY – because roads need maintainers

When entrepreneur Antti Ranta decided to expand the operations of his clearing equipment business Konepaja Antti Ranta Oy, the company’s resources and selection became unmatched. The company acquired Ratemex Oy, a business specialised in underbody scrapers and snow ploughs, and later on the combination was fortified with the fixed and current assets of Vikmet Oy.

As these professionals joined forces, a real road maintenance equipment specialist was born – Ratemex Oy in its current state. The company’s operations may have expanded, but each piece of equipment is nonetheless manufactured with care and skill, attending to the customer’s needs and respecting Finnish roads.

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