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MK-1800 side plough with quick attachment

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The side plough is easy to attach and use together with an underbody scraper, and it is perfect for the lowering and removing of snow banks. The plough contains a mechanism to monitor the inclination of the road with a floating structure and shock protection. The electrically controlled valving equipped with hydraulic floating and joystick control are part of the standard package. The side plough can be mounted on trucks, or alternatively it can be attached to tractors or other such heavy vehicles by using the front lift rod or the front loader. In the case of the latter, quick attachment will be made to order.

Technical specifications

Wing length 2,45 m
Wing height 0,6 m/1,35 m
Ground clearance in transportation position c. 0,4 m
Lifting height, back: 1,5 m
Ploughing angle 0-38°
Operating width 0-2050 mm
Hydraulic floating -0,2 m/ +0,4 m
Transportation width + 0,45 m
Weight 460 kg
LED marker light
Quick attachment
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