HOKKE ploughs

HOKKE NVA articulated plough with spring mechanism

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The articulated plough is designed for maintenance in cities and urban areas. The selection of sizes is diverse, and ploughs can be mounted on various heavy duty vehicles and trucks. The spring mechanism protects the plough and the vehicle during operation. The wing design is of uniform height or throwing snow to both sides. The articulated plough can be operated in V or Y position or as a diagonal plough, throwing snow to both sides. The blade can be adjusted to a cutting or dragging position. Vertical floating and inclination are integral parts of the push frame.

A heightened wing, LED lights, noise control treatment and multi-coupling plates are available as accessories.

HOKKE NVA Operating width 90°Operating width 53°Amount of bladesPloughing angle +/-Wing H height mmWing L height mmWeight kg
HOKKE NVA 280 H 2.8m2.3m4
37° c. 950-900
HOKKE NVA 300 H 3.0m2.5m4
37° c. 950-920
HOKKE NVA 320 H 3.2m2.7m4
37° c. 950c. 1100940
HOKKE NVA 350 H 3.5m3.0m4
37° c. 950c. 1100970
HOKKE NVA 370 H 3.7m3.2m4
37° c. 950c. 1100980
HOKKE NVA 400 H 4.0m3.5m4
37° c. 950c. 11001030
HOKKE NVA 430 H 4.3m3.8m4
37° c. 950c. 11001050
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