HOKKE ploughs

HOKKE KAS JS snow plough – double blade plough with spring mechanism

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The double blade plough is used for maintenance in cities and urban areas. The blade structure with a spring mechanism protects the plough and the vehicle even under challenging conditions. The plough has a throwing wing structure. The double blade is particularly used for cleaning the surface during the actual ploughing.

HOKKE KAS JS Operating width 90°Amount of bladesPloughing angle +/-Wing H height mmWing L height mmWeight kg
HOKKE KAS 320 H JS3.2m445° c. 950c. 1100c. 1120
HOKKE KAS 350 H JS 3.5m445° c. 950c. 1100c. 1130
HOKKE KAS 370 H JS 3.7m445°c. 950c. 1100c. 1180
HOKKE KAS 400 H JS 4.0m545°c. 950c. 1100c. 1260
HOKKE KAS 430 H JS 4.3m545°c. 950c. 1100c. 1270
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