HOKKE ploughs

HOKKE EKL and EKL/K diagonal ploughs with wing release mechanism

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The snow plough is used for the maintenance of urban areas and pathways for pedestrians and cyclists. EKL is a conical plough, directing snow to the right side. EKL/K is a butterfly plough, designed to throw snow to both sides. The turning of the wing is done with a double-acting cylinder. The wing has an adjustable release mechanism for safety. The feature protects the plough and the vehicle from damage during operation.

LED lights, noise control treatment and multi-coupling plates are available as accessories.

HOKKE EKL/K Operating width 90°Operating width 53°Amount of bladesPloughing angle +/-Wing height mmWing width mmWeight kg
HOKKE EKL & EKL/K 2752.75m2.25m353° c. 1220c. 2750620-790
HOKKE EKL & EKL/K 310 3.1m2.6m353°c. 1220c. 3100680-870
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