Underbody scrapers

AT-180 TR underbody scraper

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A fixed underbody scraper suitable for year-round tractor use. Due to its high ground clearance in transportation position, the scraper does not affect others use of the tractor. All controls are integrated in the same control panel, enabling diverse adjustment options with just one hand. The underbody scraper has perforated blades as a standard feature, and stinger blades with hard alloy pins are optional equipment. The design of the blade facilitates easy transferring of masses.

Technical specifications

Total blade length 3.3 m with extensions
Turning angle ca. 32°
Ground clearance in transportation position ca. 0,3 m
Weight 400 kg
Hydraulic extension right/left 300/300 mm
Hydraulic inclination right/left 50/50mm
Operating angle
Amount of pressure cylinders 1
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