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AJO T260 hydraulic truck-mounted roller spreader

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Hydraulic truck-mounted roller spreader attached to replace the tailgate. The spreader is suitable for the spreading of salt and sand. Approximate adjustments to the amount of spread material are done mechanically and fine adjustments are done pneumatically. As the device has an opening tailgate, it is easy to empty and clean. Two accessories are available: the pre-wetting device and the chain conveyor. The device comes with adjustable support system for storage when not in use.

Technical specifications

Spreading width 2.6 m
Width 2.6 m
Oil flow requirement 30 l/min, 200 bar
Frame entirely hot-dip galvanised
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Optional accessories

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    AJO T260 chain conveyor for truck-mounted spreader

    A salt and sand conveyor discharging unit than can be attached to the T260 spreader.
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    AJO T260 pre-wetting device

    The pre-wetting device is a quick attachment accessory for the T260 spreader. The device wets the salt of sand with a nozzle. The nozzle is in the sand container of the spreader. The amount of the solution is progressively adjustable. Suitable for brine solution spreading.