AJO clearing equipment

AJO 700T boom system for clearing

A boom system for large tractors or loaders for the clearing of roadsides. The hydraulic safety appliance makes the boom flexible in case of sudden obstacles in the cutting head’s way. Reset is done with the control unit. The boom system can be attached to the vehicle by using the vehicle’s adapter set. The end of the boom has an AJO quick attachment for cutting heads for clearing, and adapters for cutters from other manufacturers can be made on demand. The boom and the cutting head are controlled one-handedly with a joystick and push buttons from the cabin. The recommended weight for the vehicle is nine tonnes.

Accessories include an additional hydraulic power unit, a counter balance set and an oil cooler. The rotating device for the cutting head is also available as an accessory.

Technical specifications

Hydraulic extension 1.3 m
Side reach c. 7.2 m with a 1.5-metre cutting head from the midpoint of the vehicle
Weight 940 kg
Vehicle hydraulic requirement as dual circuit 30 and 90 l/min
Vehicle hydraulic requirement as single circuit 90-120 l/min
For tall grass and small trees TM 150/190/220 blade heads
For rough thicket RL 75/150 and 2R blade heads
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